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Responsible Water Treatment

Eliminating Biocides: WaveTM in Action

Did you know that a moderately-sized* cooling tower, running year-round, will consume nearly 18 million gallons of normally potable water? That’s the equivalent of nine Olympic-sized swimming pools. This water is traditionally treated with toxic chemicals to prevent the accumulation of scale and biofilm, and to reduce corrosion of expensive capital equipment. Such a system will discharge approximately six million gallons of chemical-laden water to the sanitary sewer. This water burdens the local POTWs with thousands of pounds of OSHA-classified hazardous materials —including molybdates, isothiazolin, dinitriopropionamide, quarternary amines, chlorine, and bromine.

Recent media attention on runoff contamination from agricultural pesticides (most notably, in the Chesapeake Bay restoration project) and groundwater contamination through industrial fracking processes, has shown green solutions for water treatment to be more than an “alternative” to protecting our limited natural resources. In fact, they’re indispensable.

*1000 tons of cooling capacity at 75% load, 3 Cycles of Concentration, operating year-round.

How we do it

WaveTM provides reliable, consistent Biological Control, often to drinking water standards, without the addition of any chemicals. This dramatic performance, which exceeds that of toxic biocides, uses these two methods:


Consider the following advantages of leveraging GWS IntegraCleanTM in green water treatment:

  • Eliminate all hazardous chemicals from cooling systems, preventing toxic discharge to the environment
  • Maintain clean cooling systems without employee exposure to toxic chemicals or water-bred pathogens




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